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Hey robot lovers, can you envision making a soccer-playing robot that walks, accurately passes the ball, and possibly even scores goals? As straightforward as it sounds, only recently have humanoid “soccerbots” started achieving these qualities. Our team is but one of many across the globe working towards a common goal established by RoboCup:

“By the middle of the 21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall win a soccer game, complying with the official rules of FIFA, against the winner of the most recent World Cup.”

We are interested in growing our network of roboticists so that together we can achieve this goal, and spread our passion for technology by learning from each other.

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Robosoccer is a sub-team of UTRA (University of Toronto Robotics Association) founded on April 27th, 2017. We aim to compete in the RoboCup Humanoid KidSize competition. We started building our first humanoid robot prototype in May 2017, and have started separate projects in five subsystems—high-level software, electrical & hardware, embedded, mechanical and control.

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