Electrical Embedded System

Targeting Fields:

Servo Motor Control

Sending torque values to the controllers inside the servo motors and reading the angles and angular velocity back.

IMU Data Acquisition

Reading the Gyroscope and Accelerometer values in X, Y and Z axes.

You will likely use:

  • Jetson TX2 – “Brain”
  • STM32 Microcontroller – “Spine”
  • IMU
  • FreeRTOS running on STM32
  • Servo Motors


  • Improve prototyping process 
    • Design PCBs Rapidly
  • Fast & Cheap PCB manufacturing
    • In-lab PCB manufacturing
    • Precision and reliability?
    • Microcontroller runs programs sequentially.
    • Latency in controlling actuators
    • Limited Hardware Resources
    • Using FPGA in future?